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Pure Canadian Prairie Honey produced in Manitoba
Welcome to Manitoba, Where Bees Roam Free

Raw & Unaltered Artisan Honey

Raw Prairie Flowers Honey
My bees produce natural wildflower honey that is antibiotic and GMO-free, just the way it is supposed to be. It is also unpasteurized* and unfiltered**.
After extraction from the combs, fresh honey is strained to remove any bits of comb wax and propolis, then it is bottled!

1kg Prairie Flowers Glass Jar $ 7.90
Creamy Honey 1kg Glass Jar SOLD OUT
3kg Prairie Flowers Pail $ 22.00
5kg Prairie Flowers Pail $ 36.00
15kg Prairie Flowers Pail $ 99.15
30kg Prairie Flowers Pail $ 189.65
Pure Canadian Wildflower Organic Honey
*I do not pasteurize my honey like commercial packers do. Pasteurizing honey - meaning heating it to 65.5 degrees, keeps it liquid on the shelves for a very long time. However,pasteurization has its downside. Most of the healthy stuff like antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins break down and dissappear. Pasteurized honey also loses its natural aroma and flavor.
**Commercial honey is often ultra-filtered to remove any bits of pollen.
You may wonder why many importers/packers remove the one thing that allows the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to track the origin of their honey with certainty? I take pride in my beeyards and never filter my honey.

Raw Goldenrod Honey

From time to time, one of my bee yards produces a limited quantity of goldenrod honey. Goldenrod flowers are generally abundant from mid to late summer but are often forsaken by bees for more nectar-rich wildflowers. This past summer was so dry that most short-rooted wildflowers died out and suddenly those goldenrod flowwers started to look way more attractive to my bees. What's good for the bees is good for me. I really love that honey!
Our prairie goldenrod honey presents a gorgeous reddish amber colour. Its flavour is more pronounced than our prairie wildflower and alfalfa honeys. It is a delicious all-natural and GMO-free honey that is perfect for any occasion.

1kg Raw Goldenrod (Glass Jar) SOLD OUT
3kg Raw Goldenrod Pail SOLD OUT
5kg Raw Goldenrod Pail SOLD OUT

Raw Alfalfa Honey

Alfalfa Field in Manitoba - Photo Buffalo Country Apiary
Alfalfa occupies one of the top places in the bee's big book of flowers, along with other "stars " such as sweetclover, borage and phacelia. All are famous for producing the largest amount of nectar of the flower kingdom. With its deep roots, alfalfa is also resitant to drought. If you ever have the opportunity, pause near a blooming alfalfa field, close your eyes and breathe in... it's a sweet perfum. Of course, bees love it too. Alfalfa honey is pale white in color, it tastes and smells like a delicate floral bouquet.
Pure alfalfa honey isn't easy to come by. Most farmers harvest their fields when the plant reaches its highest protein level, and that's right at the beginning of the blooming stage. This year however we got lucky. I was able to install a bee yard at the corner of four alfalfa fields. And since that bit of luck came with friends, each field went to full bloom at a different time, from early July up to the end of September.
The picture above shows the fourth (and last) alfalfa field to bloom. As you can see, it is virtually an ocean of flowers, a true dream for my bees. No, alfalfa honey is not blue but present a very clear-white color. You will love it.
1kg Raw Alfalfa (Glass Jar) $ 7.90
3kg Raw Alfalfa Pail $ 22.00
5kg Raw Alfalfa Pail SOLD OUT
Bee foraging on alfalfa Flower - Photo Buffalo Country Apiary

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